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Values and Principles

AuthorSergey Zverev
02 September 2019 / 16:00

It is the result of a long journey, summarising best practices of effective collaboration among introverted nerds, old-fashioned businessmen, turbulent entrepreneurs, capricious designers and dozens (maybe hundreds) more types of very diverse people, united by one common cause.

Hereby we offer you values and principles of Trood.

All Trood team members are to know and share the ideas provided here. All Trood Community members are very welcomed to familiarize with our values and principles. More of that, the document is being constantly evolved and we encourage you to provide your feedback and recommend any improvements. We study all the comments carefully and discuss Principles update on a quarterly basis. Soon we’ll share an article regarding the whole process.

Trood Values

The core values of the Company include continuous progress, equality, freedom, open competition and respect for the individual. We form a team of experts who strive to fully demonstrate their skills and abilities in the simple implementation of complex corporate-level systems for clients of various industries and specializations. In our work, we preach principles and corporate culture, based on objectivity, a clear vision of the goal and constant readiness to learn and develop.

We put the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers above the other interests of our shareholders and employees.

Trood Principles

There can no be any non-degenerate (effective) set of principles which can be shared by absolutely anyone. For sure lots of great and successful people and companies live in a different way than we see our life. We respect it and not forcing anyone to anything.

1. Transparency

Anyone must have access to as much business information as does not directly offense corporate security

2. Frankness

You must tell what you think. Openly. To anyone (*hereinafter - we assume only work relations, though you might consider the principles for your personal life, at your own discretion);

3. Sensibility without touchiness

You must be able to hear any kind of opinion regarding your work duties and discuss it extremely constructive and impersonal;

4. Respect

You must respect anyone and anything providing even the smallest profit to the business you do. You may (and must - see 1) show your discontent and disagreement as it occurs, but showing and even having disrespect is contrary to our values;

5. Diversity

It still requires mentioning that people are different in the way they think, live, work, collaborate and so on. Unless you see it offenses work regulations, be sure different people make a team stronger;

Please also be sure to know that diversity does not only refer to gender and race questions. It also includes how people prefer to organize their work (working eight hours in a row or spend two hours midday in a gym), collaborate (totally introversive or totally extroversive), dress, express emotions and more. The main idea is to give anyone as much freedom as he or she can digest with profit.

People disappearing strictly by 6pm disregarding any urgent tasks and people constantly oversleeping morning meetings equally offense corporate culture.

6. Personal and professional growth

You must evolve. And you must realize that people around you are evolving, along with their approaches and opinions

7. Meritocracy

Only the value you bring to the company, your efforts and achievements determine your position and scope of responsibilities which can be assigned to you;

9. Equality for ideas and proposals

Anyone is encouraged to provide ideas for any business processes and must be heard

10. Error permission

Anyone can do mistakes. It happens.

But it is required to study mistakes, classify them, draw conclusions and take actions to avoid mistakes in the future.

Keeping repeating the same mistakes is prohibited.

Not doing something good in a fear of making a mistake may be considered as a mistake.

11. Conflicts permission

Constructive conflicts can be useful for company evolution.

Violating Principles during a conflict is still violating Principles.

12. Balanced decision making

With respect to all the points listed, a decision-making process must be managed and led by the responsible person, dispassionately taking into account all arguments provided. For important questions with many different points of view the decision-making processes should be logged and available for further review in a case of questions

13. Effective collaboration

Collaboration is regulated by a separate document <link>, but following it is so essential that we decided to include it to the Principles.

14. Kaizen

Where without

15. Master’s approach

Entering Trood you become our partner and travel companion for a long and a very special journey.

Consider Trood as your second (first for some) home, and approach to every working process and resource as it is your personal. Use resources wisely, make processes better, strive to perfection with us; live it or leave it - but be confident in your choice


We also recommend Ray Dalio’s world-famous Principles, which extend the idea and look to be undoubtedly effective.

Link to the Principles:  https://www.principles.com/

Link to Ray Dalio's book: https://www.amazon.com/Principles-Life-Work-Ray-Dalio/dp/1501124021

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