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Trood Mobile concept

AuthorYury Nosov
22 January 2020 / 16:26

Trood has had two mobile application implementations: (1) related to dashboard and reporting, and (2) to manage mystery shopping activities.

The first mobile application aimed at collecting information for director's use. It provided a dashboard that displayed customizable reports, various notification, critical figures, etc.

The second mobile app were used for mystery shopper management. It enabled users to make pictures, record sound and speech, manage their personal settings and notes in a user profile.

Technology approach

Technologically, Trood employs a cross-platform tool, React Native that enables us to create applications for two mobile platforms simultaneously, Android and iOS. Our applications can be both constituent parts of a general ecosystem and dedicated solutions with a specific functionality for an employee role.

We see our primary advantages in the following:

  • speed of coding due to cross-platform approach and common vision for a front-end solution
  • extended functionality that can be flexibly configured based on business requirements
  • we apply the same approach to our mobile application development, such as customization and scalability. I.e. we can set up features fast and customizable.

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