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Trood CaseBase - big data analysis

AuthorYury Nosov
30 August 2019 / 09:41

Complex system operation is always based on a set of business rules depicting the algorithm of processing diverse events and triggering in specific circumstances. First of all, such an approach allows decomposing all the volume of events occurring in a system, learning dependencies, and implementing all of them in ready-to-use scenarios of behavior and system reaction in typical situations.

Building an algorithm and developing scenarios is one of the most important tasks in the automation of complex IT systems. As a rule, the more complex the system, the more standardized scenarios we can specify. What's more, contemporary IT systems with basic artificial intelligence (AI) can adapt to changing circumstances and educate themselves using machine learning techniques. This allows performing evolution of the system as it operates. We can create entire libraries of algorithms and scenarios to automate typical system relations and optimize them.

Added value with rich data insights

The Trood platform offers the module CaseBase that is, in fact, a set of algorithms to use as a base during automation and optimization of business processes handled in the Trood workflow. Technical requirements of this module are generally defined by developers and IT engineers who work with complex, high-loaded IT systems presuming large amounts of similar actions.

Most of the data exchange operations are stored. So, we can analyze our business task to retrieve all relevant data from history and apply available scenarios to existing circumstances. This facilitates business process automation as it allows reusing available and trusted solutions to decomposed business tasks. Such an approach allows minimizing software development and supporting high-level development based on large-scale business duties.

«A set of algorithms to use as a base during automation and optimization of business processes handled in the Trood workflow»

Trood approach

This module in the Trood architecture is a perfect Big Data solution as its primary purpose is to establish and apply business rules to atomized business data generated by up-to-date IT systems in big volumes. The data in a raw mode just apply high loads to the system and makes it work slowly. We help with optimum solution to collect, store, process and handle your data in the most efficient way.

Our partner portal contains technology news of system integrators, our partners and experts. We have a set of news dedicated to diverse tools of system event processing and typical system operation algorithms. You can discuss any of the available Trood functions and express your opinion regarding the applicability of any system features and the functionality as a whole. If you have specific business tasks, which require automation of processes and establishment of a library of your own proprietary algorithms, you can use our portal to search for a specific system integrator, interact with other partners, as well as Trood experts.

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