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Smart HR

AuthorYury Nosov
29 January 2020 / 15:39

The main driver of any business is people, the company's employees. The effective and efficient company needs to successfully manage its human resources, pay attention to their problems and working atmosphere. Human resources, or employee management, often comes down to HR records keeping. But sooner or later, a modern company understands the important role that people play in the company's life and operations.

Today, company newcomer not only goes through a regular hiring process and proceed to daily work. A new employee goes through adaptation and integration into the team. And these are not just the requirements and duties of the probation period. The employee needs to learn the company's hierarchy, understand its business processes, applicable standards and regulations. During his/her life and work, an employee assimilates new experience, adapt to internal requirements, and improve qualifications and upgrade proficiency. 

Contemporary advanced HR software systems allow tracking complete lifeline of an employee in a company. In fact, such systems are responsible to have the full pack of the labor force with required skills, experience, and qualifications. This is required for a company to successfully operate, fulfill projects with required SLA and of high quality. It also helps keep a list of prospective candidates who are ready and available to join the company if new projects come to project pipeline and the workload is expected to considerably increase.

The Trood platform contains a module dedicated to intelligent human resource management, Smart HR module. Its purpose is to assess available personnel, estimate their experience, test the skills and qualifications, manage career path and evolution, find out the need for extra studies, as well as carry out standard employee management functions. The Smart HR module optimizes all HR management operations in a company.

Smart HR module makes the process of searching for the required labor force and hiring people more effective and optimized. It controls internal vacancy requests, monitors published vacancies, track related events, such as candidate interview, attestations, ranking the candidates, and provides integration with external recruitment web services.

With the first day in a company, an employee enters internal HR management system, which monitors his/her involvement in different company projects, plans and schedule holidays and business trips, and performs studies for required skills and abilities. Personnel study is realized in groups of all similar employees who need the same learning course. Smart HR module monitors and controls the study progress and performance.

Every employee has a personal record that keeps all his/her movements within a company and additional important information. This information is also used for creating a staff list and company organizational structure. The newcomer gets all access rights according to the job position and company hierarchy - to working documents, adaptation materials, user manuals, templates, general corporate information, personnel phone numbers, reference lists, - all in accordance with pre-determined access rights.

Smart HR module includes all functions of staff records management, offers templates for orders and job descriptions. To control and manage all human resources, the top management is capable of maintaining personnel candidate pool based on current staff schedule, key job posts, company development plans, and personnel training schedules.

The Trood platform enables the automation and optimization of human resources in a company. This includes automatic calculation of salaries, sick lists, and traveling expenses, tax payments, payrolls, These functions allow managing the whole personnel budget and create taxation and other similar payments for the personnel.

Work time optimization

Apart from typical HR functions, Smart HR module manages the motivation and development of personnel taking into account the work time. Every employee has a personal profile where he/she can see related tasks, success, failures, timesheet records. This complete registration of all data about a person allows estimating the KPIs and efficiency, and collect subjective opinions of colleagues and top management.

Each staff group has its own motivation scheme offering employee remuneration for successful work, compensation and social repayments, payroll subdivision into fixed and premium payments. Employee profile also records non-material achievements (corporate rewards, acknowledgments) and negative events (e.g. fines, penalties, reprimands).

Personnel analytics

For top management, Smart HR module offers analytics power in regards to all available labor force. A top manager sees all the staff, organization structure, completeness in terms of qualified experts in key positions of a company. The module also helps estimate the demand for additional workforces, assess the performance of available staff, estimate related expenses. Additionally, all the information on disciplinary behavior and performance of an employee is collected in his/her profile, including internal attestations, training, and qualifications.

These functions allow assessing company personnel and make timely decisions on its development or re-organization thus streamlining and optimizing the overall success of a company.

Talent management

Contemporary companies manage their staff not only in terms of simple record keeping but also in developing their personnel accordingly. Companies pay much more attention to employee development, his/her qualification improvement, knowledged achievements as required for a company. The employee experience is no more a static phenomenon but an evolution of knowledge and skills throughout the employee lives in a company. This starts from the moment of internal vacancy request, includes the whole process of hiring and personnel attestation, measuring and setting their ratings and rankings within a company, and encompassing the entire work path of a person.

Smart HR module provides the following:

  1. Timely and quality hiring of personnel in a company.
    You can set up automatic, intelligent recruiting and internal system of recommendations in a company that optimizes the process of searching and hiring required staff.
  2. Talent management of staff.
    You can perform regular attestation of employees, improve their personal criteria and performance indicators, detect the best employees, establish a poll of talents in a company and create dedicated study courses for them during the entire stay in a company.
  3. Increased efficiency of work.
    You can manage the development and evolution of personnel due to constant, regular assessments, goal and task discussions, personal goals and achievements, and progress estimation in work tasks.
  4. Optimization of the study process.
    You can make use of innovative contemporary study resources and tools that follows the requirements to modern software and up-to-date training techniques; involve social communication channels, personalization, and gamification of the study process.

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