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AuthorSergey Zverev
22 January 2020 / 15:31

Trood Marketplace must provide safe, transparent, and easy-to-go Trood modules, services and adapters deployment (and undeployment) for both Trood cloud and ad-hoc environments.

Marketplace elements can be generic (provided by Trood), or provided by licensed 3rd parties.

Marketplace provides version and dependency control for its elements.

Here is what can be found on Trood Marketplace and some specs for it:

1. CaseBase Algorithm

Deploys as: Business Rules, Business Processes, Web Services

Interacts with: BI, Event Logs, DataStore, MessageQueue*


  • MQ
  • Archive
  • Hadoop
  • Crossover


  • By Endpoint
  • OnEvent

Optional: Parameter Viewer/Editor

Affected Business Objects 

*hereinafter: all deployment options, interactions and data inputs are optional for particular service/module/algorithm

2. DataLogic Algorithm

Deploys as: Business Rules, Business Processes, Web Services

DataInput: Adapter

DataOutput: JSON 

3. BusinessModule

Deploys as: Web Services, Business Objects, Business Rules, Business Processes, Dashboard, BI, Data, source code, tests, configs


  • UX (with incremental integration)
  • Business Objects (with availability to use compatible)
  • Business Processes and Business Rules (reusable)

4. Dashboard Adapter

Deploys as: Dashboard Algorithms, configs

Interacts with: Adapters, Business Objects

5. BI Adapter

Deploys as: OLAP models, druid schemes, configs

6. Integration Adapter

Deploys as: Web Services, configs

Interacts With: everything

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