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Complex Events Processing (CEP)

AuthorYury Nosov
30 October 2019 / 07:00

Processing Multiple Complex Events in a real-time

Complex IT system operation constitutes a set of definite business processes. Either data processing, or employee management, or technical support. Any system action is actually an event, interaction, which is performed by specific business rules and at a specific time. The seamless operating IT system has to register such events and efficiently manage them.

The more business events we have, the more important is their effective process management. Each business event needs to be analyzed, prioritized, queued. The workflow of a business event monitors its execution, checked against the set milestones, and the results attest. In the majority of up-to-date IT systems, there are tens and hundreds of thousands of events occurring simultaneously. We need their optimal distribution to avoid system overflow. 

Trood architecture has an instrument that is responsible for real-time event processing. This is the Complex Event Processing (CEP) module. It provides effective operation of the entire system. It sets priorities, creates the queues of events, and optimize them. You can read additional information after registering at the Trood partner portal. You can discuss any functional features, offer improvements, express your opinions and recommendations.

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